It is the process through which a complete verification is performed on a subject in order to outline a
detailed profile and to foresee possible risks related to a collaboration.

We carefully examine the aspects related to the personal / family situation, the professional and income
history and all the possible negativities that may be involved in the final evaluation and in particular:
– Balance
– Professional history
– Business interests
– State of income
– Previous negativity
– Rumors and reputation
What does a background check involve?
When most people think of a background check, think of a simple check of criminal history. In fact,
background check service is much more than this. It is the process by which you find your best candidate
for research, yes, criminal record, but also the history of education and employment, civil documentation,
references, etc. Each is a very important piece of the puzzle. What does a background check mean? A
professional background check service helps your company stay safe by checking a subject’s story. It helps
ensure that candidates can do what they claim to be through job and education verification. We verify that
the applicants are those who claim to be.





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